IqOption and FX Options

IQoption thrilled to announce the launch of FX Options — a new instrument that combines the concept of options and Forex abilities, allowing traders to trade currency pairs within short time frames. FX Options are currently available only in non-EU countries and will soon be released in Europe.

To see the new FX trading product in action please watch IQ OPTION video tutorial:

IQ OPTION FX options video

Non-regulated traders can access FX Options on Web, Desktop, iOS and Android platforms by selecting it from the drop-down list in the Options tab.

What sets FX Options apart from other products?

Unlimited return for successful deals (its depends on the assets price change)

In case of an incorrect prediction, losses can amount to less than 100%

FX Options won't fall under ESMA restrictions once they become available for European traders.

Features and benefits of FX options

The instrument lets traders open a position with 1 or 5 minute expiration time and close it before it reaches maturity

There are 14 currency pairs available for trading. New pairs will be added in future.

Additional information is: Losses cannot exceed the initial investment amount

How to start use FX options on IQOPTION?

Click on any asset in the corner

iqoption assest selection

Click on the menu OPTIONS

iqoption options selection

Click on the menu FX

iqoption FX selection

Aso soon as you click on the FX you be able trade FX Options

If you ready open IqOption account please fill this form:

comments from blog:

  1. Aston M.
    Aston M.
    4 August, 2018, 13:57

    I'm happy that iqoption launched new trading tool that allow me earn more and more. So it's time for me spend more time for education also.

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