Login to IQOption.com account

IqOptions - How to sign in?

First of all you need go to main page of IqOption and found menu `Log In` and click to this menu like on sample:

IQOption.com login button

Watch on the video where is menu Log in and how use it:

As soon you click on the button you will see few fields where you have fill you user name and password:

IQOption.com login form

On the sample you can find few buttons and fields. Button number 1 allow you select fields for sign in into Iqoption. Button number 2 allow you select fields to be able register new trading account. Button 3 allow you login with your Facebook account. Button number 4 allow you login with your gmail account. Field number 5 must be filled with your email (Email is your login and if you don't remember your login you can always contact to IqOption support they will help recover your login by phone number, ip, passport, full name or by other private information.)

You must understand that login menu looks absolutely different for web version, android application, iOS application but it must be found not so hard.

How to login into IqOption Demo account?

You need use usual login menu with your username and password to access inside of demo account.

How to login into Real account?

Like for demo account you need fill your access info to user name field and password field and after that you see your trade panel.

How to switch on between IqOption Demo and IqOption Real account?

IQOption.com demo real account

On the Iqoption platform you have only one login and password for both real account and demo account. You don't need register two accounts! To switch on Demo trading account and Real trading account you just need click on your balance and you will be able to select one type of account. It must be DEMO trading account or REAL trading account.

How to log out from IqOption?

If you want log out from your trading room you need find menu like on the sample:

IQOption.com log out from account

Usually you can find log out menu on the top of trade room. Just click on the `Log Out` and it's all. If you want keep your money safe we recommend log out from trade room after trading or if you don't want use trade room in near future. If you don't use Log Out button somebody (who has access to your computer) can open browser and in few clicks get access to trade room because browser remember almost everything like login sessions and so on...

How to change email? login?

Only few simple steps to change email:

IQOption.com change login?

First of all you need log in into your account and find your profile. You have to click profile and find Personal Data menu. In this section you be able change email like on sample. So if you need change email it help do it so easy by few steps on IqOption.

We recommend use always most secure email account for registration on IqOption.

comments from blog:

  1. Voland
    7 December, 2017, 10:11

    Hi here from India! I just found iqoption in yahoo search page and this blog really helped me each time when i want found login page :) It's really hard find login page on IqOption.com

  2. Sharikov
    14 January, 2018, 14:53

    Some time you spend time to find login button and this iqoptions blog really helped me. Now i know that login page is different on the apps and the web. So this FAQ more than enough.

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