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IQOption was originally founded in 2013 and since then they are actively present in todays market, while expanding the business and gradually gaining the trust and respect of its traders. By now it has already reached the stage of being among the most recognized brokers in the industry. It is basically recognized for creativity as well as unique approach to the trading process of binary options. It didnt take long for IQ Option to become popular, because it was able to provide traders with opportunity to trade in the most unique manner.

IQOPTION & Formula 1 - Formula 1 racing video. IQ Option, an online trading brokerage, has joined Red Bull Racing as a sponsor. The company has been associated with Aston Martin since 2016, with the British car manufacturer becoming Red Bull's title sponsor this year 2018 in Formula 1.

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IQOPTION in numbers


It is about time to explain the uniqueness of IQ Option in details and point out the facts that make it different from rivals. Basically IQ Option is able to provide more or less the same set of tools as other platforms. However it presents those tools in such a way that anyone can easily perform even the most complicated selections on this platform. For example, classic way of selecting assets has been replaced with a tab section from where you can select all the assets of interest. There is a drop-down menu on the right side from where you can see all the current assets and use them as per your requirements.


Each platform has got some distinctive qualities or features, which put it apart from other trading platforms. The IQ Option Login and Trading Platform has also got its own peculiarities. For example, it provides its traders with ability to trade-in the same chart all at a time. It means that multiple traders are able to simultaneously trade on the same chart. This becomes useful when traders apply fencing in their strategy. Traders can also view all their purchases from in a comparative manner with respect to all their existing assets. Likewise, they are able to compare bigger amount of assets and also participate in 60-seconds type of trading. This feature is not being offered by many other brokers.

VIP account ensures increased profitability from a number of iq option assets


Lets have a look at the types of accounts you can open here. It was already discussed before that you can create a trading account with at the lowest rate of USD $10. Thats correct. Usually other brokers dont allow to create an account without depositing USD 200 to 250. However IQ Option is different, because they offer high value for creating an account. Thats why majority of new traders try not to miss this opportunity and get started with this particular platform. Besides that there is a full specter of accounts available, starting from normal and ending up with VIP accounts with respective benefits and features.

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IQOptions represents a relatively new broker, but at the same time it has already managed to gain the trust from traders, won number of prestigious awards and became well-established. Hence it has no relation to scamming traders. This fact has been thoroughly described in this IQ Option Scam Inspection. In addition, it includes a number of new features as well as impressive trading style. So if you are a seasoned trader and want to try something new and good, then we suggest you to choose it. Start binary options trading already today with help of effective broker like IQ Option.

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    Nataly O.
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    Most honest review that i saw before. Thanks for great review. How my i ask IqOption add more assets and trading tools?

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